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What does AWV mean?

AWV stands for Alfonso Waldemar Vision. In 2017, Alfonso founded “AWV Films” in order to promote through video advertising on social networks, specifically through Facebook, his main company at the time and his childhood dream, his barber shop, Absolut Laprairie.

In just 4 years, Alfonso has produced more than 50 videos for his main company and around 15 videos for clients in his entrepreneurial contact network.

With this name, we signal that the strategies we develop for our clients are based on the professional experience, entrepreneurial successes and artistic vision of our talented founder Alfonso Waldemar.

And why Media?

At the start of 2021, after a rather prosperous year of confinement for Alfonso, the founder, he decided to finally devote all his time and efforts to helping the entrepreneurs of his contact networks to better reach their community. audience and generate sales.

Thus, Alfonso left to build his dream professional team made up of creatives, filmmakers, designers, marketing experts, web developers, digital transformation experts, etc. who will put all their creativity at the service of your company.

Now, with such a team, Alfonso has made sure to have professionals who will dive headfirst into their client’s universe, analyzing their company, their market, their strengths. Then when we’ve found what is unique about you, what inspires us, the creative team let their imaginations run wild. But to achieve your goals, you have to make sure that your brand is seen. Therefore, now is the time to put the dissemination strategy into action and reap tangible results!

And all these services grouped together in a single agency, a single contact, a single service!

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