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Five Star Management, general contractor, offers a wide range of bungalows, split-level and multi-storey homes as well as semi-detached, triplex and fourplexes. Resolutely modern, each model has been designed to suit the needs of couples, small or large families, whether you are building your first, second or umpteenth home.

With a young team motivated by innovation and quality, Gestion Five Star has been able to develop on social networks and increase its visibility.

Today, they entrust us with the creation of a promotional video highlighting all the stages of the construction of a house as well as the interior and exterior architecture (use of a time lapse to see the before/after in accelerated). A drone will be used before paying tribute to each aspect of the construction.

A communication campaign will also be deployed on all networks to extend the visibility of the video.

A photo shooting will also be carried out to highlight the behind the scene of all stages of the construction.

AWV Media, through its expertise, updated the website of 5 Star Management. We have rebuilt a website in their image that would also be eye-catching for consumers and that would attract a much larger customer base. Thanks to our expertise, 5 Star Management has not only acquired several clients but also a much greater notoriety!

To further promote the company and thereby increase their visibility, we have designed two videos (mobile and desktop version) specific to their image in harmony with the message they wanted to convey. Their goal was to attract specific customers and thanks to the precision of the images taken by our videographer, AWV was able to masterfully fulfill the client’s request.

To get an overview of the real estate site, 5 Star Management decided to use the drone service offered by our team. As a result of this service, we were able to produce quality aerial views that propelled our client’s brand image against their competitors.

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