Website Design, Photography

Creation of a website dedicated to the sale of luxury sneakers!

Sneakers have become for a few years the spearhead of the fashion sector, so much so that this product full of history has become the “go to” for all brands wanting to target the youth. From Jordan to Yeezy to Nike, “sneakermania” is now an unavoidable movement.

Flykicks’s mission is to give the opportunity to all sneaker and streetwear lovers, enthusiasts, and curious people to buy limited products that they like in all confidence. A choice among a selection of rare and limited models. From the great Air Jordan classics, to the YEEZY must-haves, to the latest Nike collaborations.

New products selected by experts!

For this project, E-commerce was created to ease the sale of shoes and promote online shopping. The photos which are found in E-commerce were taken by our experienced photographers and are of superior quality to thus give the real image of the shoe to the customers. Unparalleled service for a superior product. What more could you ask for?

To further promote the company and thereby increase their visibility, we designed a video specific to their image in symbiosis with the message that the company wanted to convey. 

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