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Les Aménagements Reno-Ceros has over 15 years of experience in landscaping. They carry out all types of residential and commercial projects in the rules of the art.

They have entrusted us with the production of 3 advertising spots with a humorous tone! A promotional campaign was set up to share the videos on various social networks as well as a photo campaign to show the behind the scene and create more content to use in the long term.

AWV Media introduced the web to Reno-Ceros. We created a website based on their image that would also be eye-catching for consumers and that would, at the same time, attract a much larger customer base. Thanks to our expertise Reno-ceros has not only acquired several customers but a much greater notoriety.

Here is the first video produced by AWV for this client. This allowed Reno-Ceros customers to understand what they specialize in. Including humor in the sales concept is one of our strengths that Reno-Ceros has been able to discern within us and THAT makes a difference when we compare them to their competition.

Following the release of the first video, the visibility of Reno-Ceros reached new heights. For this reason, they decided to do business again with the AWV Media team in order to produce a second video. Once again, we chose to include humor because you know, as well as we do, that you never change a winning formula! Good viewing!

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