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What makes a brand different? What does yours look like?

At AWV, we design and build powerful visual identities, inclusive graphic platforms and websites that put brands in the spotlight.

Graphic design is about communicating a company’s values and personality through colors, shapes, textures, photography, typography and animation. Finding visual solutions to print, digital and other needs by telling a story through images.

Graphic design services:



AWV brings all its expertise and services in the consulting, creation, realization and optimization of your communication media Print, Digital, video and events. Therefore, the visual identity of a brand is an essential element of its visibility and its appropriation by the public. At AWV, we use all our skills to enhance brands with your teams that make them live.

Promotional Item

Media objects, more usually called advertising objects, are powerful marketing tools that allow you to stand out. There are a multitude of customizable items such as clothing or uniforms, office items, stationery, ... Almost any object can be personalized! Its low cost compared to its high impact makes it a media of choice in a communication campaign.

Digital Design (2D or 3D)

Thanks to the democratization of digital graphic tools, 2D/3D animation is now omnipresent in corporate communication, especially on the Internet. This technology offers a multitude of creative possibilities of which the biggest trend today is motion design, the art of creating movement from graphic creations and ending up with a scripted, visual and sound animation.

(2D or 3D)

2D/3D and motion design are ultra effective in communication to quickly deliver your message in less than 2 minutes… Show what is not visible. What seemed impossible to explain has become easy thanks to an educational and playful animation. Use the power of 3D reconstruction to bring your ideas to life!


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