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Video is the new way to connect with people

Making a marketing video is a great way to get the attention of your target audience.

Passionate, responsive, and committed. Our audiovisual expertise allows us to produce, from the conception to the broadcasting strategy, innovative, efficient and original videos, guaranteeing the success of your communication.

AWV MEDIA accompanies you in the creation of all your video contents, by proposing formats adapted to your identity and your needs. Our team is at your side in managing a production that respects your budget and your deadline constraints.

We become the experts of your message.

Video production services:


TV Advertising

Advertising spots are short videos (less than 2 minutes) that promote your company, products or services. Coming up with a concept for a commercial is one of our most exciting assignments. An advertisement has one goal: to make people want to buy your product or service. This leads to new concepts that combine creativity and strategy.

Web or social media advertising

For each marketing video creation project, whatever its type, we follow a co-creation methodology in order to be the most efficient and to provide you with the video you were dreaming of. This realization begins with a co-creation workshop followed by the realization of a storytelling, a scenario to finish by the shooting as well as the editing.

Special effects or post production

For a long time, special effects were only used in the world of cinema, but today they are open to everyone. Within the framework of a video communication campaign, the presence of digital retouching is now essential. More than a simple trick, good special effects make a video project credible and authentic!

Creation of video series, podcast, video event

Many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe that a single video can have a major impact on their business. What you need to do today to reach out to customers is to be close to them on a daily basis through videos, podcasts or live events that you can offer to your audience on a regular basis. Ask us and we will guide you in developing a good concept!

Audio recording or musical composition

AWV Media gives voice to companies to highlight their services or products. A studio and a team of professionals entirely focused on sound marketing. Radio spot: we take care of the entire production chain of a radio spot, corporate jingles, voiceover, … We create original sound identity to enhance a brand's image or support a message!

Educational or entertainment video

If you need to create training videos for your employees or clients, or if you want to surprise them with an entertaining video, then call on our services. Whether it's a question of education or to captivate Internet users, we have several tips and techniques to help you in your project. Our team has experience in practical and creative projects like this!

Drone Video

Today, aerial photography and video are more and more present. The point of view in height will bring to your communication another dimension. Our mission is to support you in the choice of the proportion and the treatment of the audiovisual tools you need. We guide and advise you throughout the project to ensure a professional result and success!


We have mastered the art of innovative photography and dynamic videos that create desire and inspire your prospects to buy. Our content creation agency has experienced graphic designers who know how to put your values and your message into images in order to convey them in an interactive and intuitive way to your target.


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