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Understanding the role that the site will play in the company’s communications is essential to ensure a good sales performance. At AWV Media, understanding your needs and clarifying your objectives is the starting point for any Web development project. This analysis will allow our team to propose the appropriate technology, an adequate structure, a design that represents your brand image and visual, textual and multimedia content that adequately conveys your sales message!

Our approach to Web development :

  • Understand the company’s reality
  • Define the objectives
  • Choose the appropriate technology
  • Create personalized visuals
  • Program the back office and the website functionalities
  • Integrate content
  • Control the quality
  • Putting the site online
  • Accompany the whole process

Web development services:


Website Creation

A website is the best way to make your company's key information available to website users in order to convert them into your company's customers. We help you to build it by taking into consideration your objectives, your problems and your constraints, while delivering personalized advice based on the active study of your company and your objectives!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial step in the design of a website, as it is what allows the site to be found when the Internet user consults the search engines. At AWV, we take this step very seriously and we make sure to be fair about the potential of your site according to your investment in natural referencing.

Web hosting and cloud solution

A consulting service in web hosting and outsourcing will be of great help if you want to optimize the performance of your web platforms and virtual computing tools. AWV Media is a reliable partner for everything that concerns the management and hosting of websites or business applications.

E-commerce Service

The choice of your Web partner will have a major influence on the success of your project.At AWV Media, every e-commerce project starts with a good analysis of your business model, the products or services you wish to sell on the Web, and the clientele you are targeting.Ask for a consultation before you get started. Our advice will help you see things more clearly!

Booking Service

Video conferencing has become the norm for many companies. The current situation requires us to constantly renew ourselves and find new ways to meet and work as a team. Videoconferencing is efficient, environmentally friendly and very cost effective. The communication process and the network of our customers are very diverse, so the possibilities of use are extremely wide.

Process automation service

Marketing automation is a set of techniques, technologies and tools that can automate the production process, network marketing and provide a better customer experience. It consists of using digital tools to automate your company's tasks and even your sales process. Automating systems will help you achieve many of your business goals effortlessly!

Office 360 Integration

Our expertise in Office 365 integration allows us to interface your solution with any CRM or information management system. Your employees benefit from a single access point to all your data. They collaborate more easily and gain mobility. Our skills also allow us to support you in the implementation of your corporate social network, based in particular on Microsoft Teams.

IT or IOT Services

The Internet of Things (IOT) is the interconnection between the Internet and objects or physical environments. The name designates the objects connected to the Internet thus allowing communication between your work tools and your digital existence. These technologies would help you to manage and product remotely at the same time!


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